Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas is coming....NORAD Tracks Santa 2007

Another sure sign that Christmas is visiting Bruton mansions is the regular checking of the NORAD tracks Santa website.
This is a US site supposedly derived from a mistaken phone in show in the 50s when children got through to NORAD rather than Santa. The man in charge played along and NORAD have been doing something seasonal ever since.
A lovely story and I'm honestly hopeful that it's a truthful one.

But whatever the genesis of the idea, the actual site is a parents treat.
NORAD Tracks Santa is lovely now, with various games and activities in Santa's workshop, but absolutely wonderful on Christmas Eve when Norad technology tracks Santa around the globe, with video footage every step of the way.
Molly knows that by the time he gets to Germany and France she really needs to be in bed and asleep, but before then we've had loads of fun tracking Santa on the year's most important journey.

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