Thursday, December 20, 2007

The final week....... one day left.
Tomorrow I shall be dancing.....

This week is the last week before the Christmas break.
It's been a frantic rush over the last few days. Somehow, It always seems that no matter how organised, no matter how sorted out we are, these last few days are a nightmare.

I've got a ton of things to finish up and no time to do them.
We're in tomorrow, but I very much doubt much will get done, as the first 2 hours is the staff show.
In which the staff are doing Strictly Come Dancing.
And in a surprise to anyone that knows me, and particularly a surprise to myself, I'm taking part.

The twist is that all the female staff are dancing as men, all us male staff, we're taking the female roles. Which is why tomorrow I'm going into school with a lovely white dress (size 14, which was strangely pleasing), christmassy cowboy hat, glitter wig and make up. I hasten to add that we're getting changed at the school and I'll not be taking Molly to her school in drag.

Strangely enough, it's not really the getting up in front of the school in a dress that bothers me. I can do that.
Nor is it the first number, myself and one of the TAs doing the Macarena that is worrying me particularly.
It's the final number, in which all the staff get up and dance some bizarre line dancing thing. I'm assured that it's really simple and there are hardly any complicated steps. But that's not what I thought at lunchtime today when we all got together and practised it. I secretly think most of the women have been taking line dancing lessons to make themselves look good. I'll be lucky to get one move right and stay on my feet.

Strangely enough, this is considered perfectly normal in a primary school.

Of course, if you're reading the blog and don't know me, you may get entirely the wrong impression of me. Not the wearing dresses thing, that doesn't worry me in the slightest. No, you may think I am a naturally outgoing sort who enjoys getting up in front of 200 people and putting on a show.

I'm completely the opposite. The idea of getting up scares the bejesus out of me.
I'm still shy to the point of embaressment, will go red at the slightest thing and hate, absolutely hate the bland chit chat and small talk of modern life.
To perform, to be in front of anyone and have to do something like this would have had me running as fast as possible in the direction of the door.
Consequently I'm terrified of doing this show and really would rather not be there tomorrow.

But strangely, there's a perverse bit of me that really relishes the challenge.
Part of moving up that I always liked was the potential for reinvention that a completely new set of people allowed. I pledged to myself that this was a chance to be someone and something new.
So I've tried to become Mr Social Dad at the school gates and now I've set myself this task of getting up on stage as well.
This could all go horribly wrong!!!!!
We shall see tomorrow.....

There may even be pictures at some point, I imagine someone on staff will have a camera ready.

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