Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays.....

First day of holidays starts here.
Well, only technically. I'm writing this at 1am on what is still, to my body clock, Friday night.

Having had such a stressful but eventually enjoyable day earlier we decided to top it off with a celebratory visit to Pocklington's Indian restaurant, Sheikhs. It's only just reopened after being devastated by the floods of June.
It was lovely, but a little more expensive than Baltis back in Birmingham. Starters, Mains and drinks for the three of us in Sheikhs cost £45. The same meal in some wonderful little Balti house in Sparkbrook, Birmingham would probably cost no more than £25.
Just one of the downsides to Yorkshire life. But I can easily put up with it.

Then we came home and my body just gave up.
Put Molly to bed and sat on the sofa. It was the first time I'd stopped all day and it showed. I was asleep for an hour and woke up feeling completely wiped.
So, being a smart thing I obviously decided to go to bed, right?

I went upstairs and spent an hour trying to get stuff done up here.
But what actually happened is I sat here and blankly stared at the screen for an hour, sometimes nearly drifting off as I did so.

But because my body clock is so amazingly fucked up, it's 1am and I'm wide awake and ready to get stuff done.
The plan for the holidays is simple though. I've got some school work that needs doing, but nothing too strenuous. Some reviews, but not too many. Christmas is a relaxing time.
Holidays start here.
Expect a load of reviews that I've been saving up and not much else on the blog from now until the new year.

Happy Holidays indeed.

And if anyone has any influence out there over the weather, please, please, please.......

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