Sunday, February 03, 2008

Black Dog Days

Black dog days.......

The last couple of weeks have been a bit weird on the blog front.
A few original things but an awful lot of link posts and old reviews right?

The reason has been a terrible and long lasting black mood hanging on my head.
I usually call it a bout of melancholy.

Louise,being by far the wiser and better of our pair, tells me to stop being so stupid and call a depression a depression. But Melancholy it is. Either that or the Black Dog, as Churchill liked to describe his depression.

All better now though, thanks for asking. But it has gotten me thinking about my mood and where my head is at. So expect to be sharing my thoughts on this over the next few days. (Ooooh I bet you can't wait)

(the picture above is from I Had A Black Dog by Matthew Johnstone, a book on depression I really should get around to reading. Still, nice picture anyway)

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