Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Love Actually - one of my favourite Christmas Films

A bit of a catch up time now. I wrote this before Christmas and never got around to posting....

I was watching Love Actually a few nights ago and have now decided it's up there with my all time favourite Christmas films:
It's A Wonderful Life
White Christmas / Holiday Inn
Miracle On 34th Street (either version old or latest)

Now I know that Love Actually isn't many people's idea of a great film but it never fails to fill me with Christmas spirit.
There's a great sadness running through the film, a mournful sense of opportunities missed, of lives misplaced and futures unrealised that makes it hugely affecting.
It's guaranteed to have me gushing tears at various points and by the time the music starts to swell throughout the last 20 minutes the tears are flowing freely. Soppy and stupid perhaps, but something wonderful, hopeful and achingly, desperately sad that I really enjoy. It's unreal, it's silly, it's full of cliches, but I love it. It's very quickly become a little institution. Every year I get the shit kicked out of me by love, actually.

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