Sunday, January 20, 2008

Metronome - wow

Metronome by Veronique Tanaka looks like it will be a very special graphic novel.
But before it's publication from NBM in March this year there's a flash animation available of the whole thing, panel by panel, second by second. Absolutely amazing.

I know the book is going to be just as good, but will obviously be very different, seeing the shapes Tanaka choses to show on the page with her exquisite panels. But the animation is incredible. A slow ticking metronome as more and more layers of the tale are revealed, intrigue turns to revelation, tenderness turns to harrowing images. Well worth 17 minutes of your time.

The code to view it is 04545, just enter it at the bottom of the page for i've already paid.
This is rather naive of Cornwell Internet really. They set the thing up as a pay per view thing and somehow expect to get people to pay. Yet every retailer in the world receives a code. Which means it gets forwarded here there and everywhere & published on blogs all over.
Much better surely to just put it out there on You Tube for free?


  1. You said: "Much better surely to just put it out there on You Tube for free?".
    Believe me, we tried. But YouTube has a ten-minute limit on the length of postings, and our attempts to split it were frustrated by technical difficulties.
    The animation has actually been on the web for almost a year and Véronique asked us to make it available without charge only for a limited period. Currently the code will only work till the end of the month.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. Everyone reading this, get that code and go and use it. It's definitely worth a look.