Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Post Christmas round-up...

So the Christmas holiday is nearly over, Christmas is long gone, the New Year has passed and we're nearly back to normal life here at Bruton mansions.

We've had a lovely Christmas, packed full of the usual Christmas things.
My mom and dad came up for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then stayed for an extra day, so effective was Molly's tearfilled "Pwease Gwanma, Pwease stay an extra day, pwease".
It was lovely having them up here and at some point I'd love to see them actually move up here properly, something I find amazing even now. Many years ago I'd never have said that, no matter how many gins or how much money you would pay me.

Two wonderful presents this year, the first was one from Molly. These are always my best thing about Christmas - the joy she has in giving me things like this is a delight and never, ever gets tired. This year I got another gorgeous T-shirt:

Words, according to Louise, all provided by Molly. Personally I love the emphasis on the "ME". A real sense of possession. Delightful.

The second great present was complete surprise - a Wolds Gliding Club Gift Voucher. This means that at some point in the next couple of months I shall be airborne above Pocklington. This is something I always said I was going to do - after all having a Gliding Club within walking distance seems too good an opportunity to miss!

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