Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reading again last

One thing that surprised me, looking back on last year, was the very little reading of prose I did.

Sure, I read an awful lot of comics and graphic novels, but only about 5 or 6 novels (and one of those was Harry Potter). This is completely unheard of in my life so far. Usually I get through books by the dozen each year. Most of my reading is done at night. Half an hour at the end of a day is one of the best ways of winding down that I now of, just that marvelous feeling of curling up and nestling into another world - wonderful.

I imagine it had everything to do with the complete lack of time and how utterly, unbearably busy I was last year. There just never seemed to be enough time, never enough energy and there was no way I could survive, working on various things until far too late, the collapsing into bed ready to get up in a scant few hours to face a new day.

But this year has started a lot better. Time is kinder, workload has reduced (or has buckled under my resolve to partition workload much more effectively anyway) and I'm reading again.
Much better.

Of course, given that I hadn't kept up with my reading, the bookshelves are currently overflowing with unread books. Twenty two at last count. It's no wonder I've been on a book buying ban for a considerable amount of time. But that may change eventually. As long as I keep reading that is...

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