Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You all just aren't listening.........

Exhibit A:
Stephen King's Dark Tower comic. I thought:
"This feels like Peter David trying his best to do a Neil Gaiman impression. Frankly it’s just not very good. Sometimes it’s a bad thing when Neil Gaiman does a Neil Gaiman impression, but when someone with less talent tries it; it just doesn’t work at all."
You thought: Let's make this sack of shit a bestseller. #1 bestseller, midnight openings for #1 release, HC straight at #1, huge sales. etc etc.

Exhibit B:

Now we have Ultimates Volume 3.
I thought:
"Ultimates Volume 3. Let’s all pretend it doesn’t exist. Maybe we can wish it out of existence."
You thought: we shall buy it in huge numbers then. (well, huge for comics now anyway).
Bastards. Although of course, I love you all.

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