Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Black Dog & Blogging excuses #1 :
Busy and sleeping.

Lately posting has been a touch erratic to say the least.

And the reason for this relative inactivity?
Well, a combination of things really.
First and foremost a general malaise, of which i shall return to later.

On top of that has been the much trumpeted wish to actually get to bed earlier and to try to get more than 4 hours sleep a night. Which, considering I'm currently typing this at 1:40am early Wednesday morning is not really a resolution I've managed to keep.

I am getting better though, 1am is becoming the norm, which is what I was hoping for. Sometime in the coming months I'm going to take it to 12:30am and then get back to midnight. But the transition has been a bit shit really. I'm feeling the benefits in a morning, but by early evening I'm just as wiped out as i used to be. It still takes me until at least 9pm to get the brain in gear and then, by the time I've done whatever else needs doing it's somehow 11pm or later.

Schoolwork and work for the crappy Teaching Assistant course has been rather taking precedence over the blog lately, something which, although necessary, I am not pleased about.

The schoolwork has been one last big push to get the to do list down to a manageable size. And the crappy TA course needed a unit handing in this month and one handing in next month so i really had to put some hours in.
Hopefully, once the TA unit is finished, I'll get back to a relaxing evening of writing and relaxing. I've changed working patterns at work so that every Friday is clear of all distractions and has become a pure techy/website day. That way I can get a good run at all of those nagging jobs that I'm just able to fit in between teaching ict. Thus weekends, in theory are now clear of schoolwork.

Things should be getting easier......

If only that were the case.
(onto Blogging excuses #2: That damn black dog.....)

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  1. It's like the parts in Shakespeare where they find out they're twins, God!

    Here's hoping you get your Sleep Change down properly. Just a little further over that hill, and it'll all seem normal...