Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brendan McCarthy Doom Patrol cover (and one shot?)

Rich Johnston is a great source of delightful gossip and advance news. But he's also a goldmine of links to some excellent artists.

This time it's Brendan McCarthy who's featured. Rich puts up this glorious image:

(It's already my desktop background. Click through the link to get your wallpaper.
Art by Brendan McCarthy)

There's also the delicious news that DC have recently rediscovered the much talked about and much missed Grant Morrison and Brendan McCarthy Doom Patrol issue. Rich reports that there is now a chance that this will see the light of day as a one shot.
Cross you fingers.
For more Brendan McCarthy weirdness visit the Strange World of Brendan McCarthy.


  1. It would have been nice if they'd discovered it before publishing the last GM DP collection (which I read just the other night), then they could have included it in there!

  2. That would have made far too much sense.
    Maybe they're planning a definitive absolute thingy edition and are after filler to make us poor sould buy it again?