Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Current state of my workload......

Not bad at all as it happens.
Having half term to really work hard on a load of things has really helped.

School - pretty much everything on the looooong to-do list at school has to be done in situ at school. Which is very, very good because that means I can't bring it home.

Teaching Assistant's course - I have to get 7 modules done by July to hand the pointless waste of time in. I have now completed 6 modules. The 7th one shall be completed before this time next month. But don't tell anyone, I 'm siure I'm not meant to be able to finish that early. Of course, it helps to have stuff to crib off and it really helps that I don't have a problem with, shall we say, adjusting the actuality to fit in with what I need to have achieved.

Reviewing - all is going well. Joe at FPI has 5 waiting to put up and there's another 15 on my computer to go to him.
This is the current state of the reviewing shelf:

Very scarily though, if you compare it to this from June 2007, you'll see that there are some things I just can't seem to get my arse into gear to review. Including, terrible to tell - Alice in Sunderland. I really need to lock myself in a room for a weekend to just read and review it.

But all in all, life on the workload front is very good. Ta for asking.

Of course, I'm still exhausted at the moment, and staying up late all the nights this week haven't helped much either. To bed.

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  1. oliver east6:44 AM

    The art in Alice in Sunderland looks so headache inducing that it'll prevent me from ever reading it.

    not sure i'm missing out really.