Monday, February 18, 2008

Eagle Awards nominations for 2008 open....

The 2008 Eagle awards are at the nomination stage.

Although really confusingly they're called the 2007 Eagle Awards, because they're awarding work from 2007. But a quick look here should reassure you that you are nominating for this years awards, as the 2006 awards were presented in May 2007, hence the 2007 awards will be presented at Bristol in May 2008. Clear as mud.

Anyway, off you all go to vote.

My suggestions:
Nostalgia & Comics for roll of honour - after all, there's no real "name" talent who hasn't already earned it (oh, except Grant Morrison).
Forbidden Planet Blog Log for favourite comics related website.
Shooting War - Favourite Original Graphic Novel
Tales From The Flat - Favourite Black & White Comic - British.

And by now they should all have appeared on the nominations list as choices - but they still bloody haven't. Oh, well, it does say it's in Beta after all.

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