Friday, February 29, 2008

More gigs: Carter, Carter, CARTER!

When you're younger you can eat what you like, drink what you like and still climb into your 26 inch waist trousers and zip them closed. Then you reach that age .... 24/25 .... your muscles give up, they wave a little white flag and without any warning at all you're suddenly a fat bastard.
Cue chanting.

November 21st. Back to Birmingham for a 6pm show where I shall be shouting You Fat Bastard at two middle aged men and a drum machine. The Joy.

This is one of those reunion gigs. I've seen Carter many times, after all, they were around when I was young and just at the right age. But as I've grown older, so have they and I've followed the subsequent works of messrs Jim Bob and Fruit Bat with interest and much pleasure.

Hell, I'm so excited about it I might even end up buying a T-shirt.


  1. oliver east10:24 AM

    I'm waiting for The Sultans Of Ping F.C. to come back round again.

  2. I'm sure they're gearing up for the triumphant comeback even as we speak....

  3. oliver east8:38 PM

    on the other hand, i'd be happy if I never saw Mega City Four, Senseless things or Ned's Atomic Dustbin again.

  4. Mega City Four perhaps, Senseless Things fair enough, but you have to realise that I was a teenager in Dudley when PWEI, The Wonder Stuff and Neds all got going - some things are just hard wired into your physiology by the environment.

    So there's still a guilty and slightly dirty pleasure associated with hearing Kill Your Television just one more time.
    Sad but true.

  5. oliver east5:29 PM

    aye, I've still got a Northside T-Shirt somewhere.