Monday, February 11, 2008

Potted Potter - The Unauthorised Harry Experience

Potted Potter poster - apologies for the quality. Some idiot (me) left his scanner at work.

Yesterday, at Pocklington Arts Centre we saw a fantastic show that managed to do the entire Harry Potter story, all 7 books, in just 1 hour. The show was Potted Potter, and the Brutons had a great time.

The two actors presenting the show ran energetically through all seven books, all from a very tongue in cheek perspective and dropping in a load of very funny ad libs. It was quite wonderful, pitched perfectly to children and adults alike. If you have have the chance, take the kids along for a great hour and a half.

Although the whole thing was really funny, (and at times, really, really, stomach hurtingly funny) the highlight had to be the audience's Quidditch game, played between two halves of the audience shooting at goals strategically placed around the theatre. Of course, the dads all got a little too energetic about it all and the golden snitch (a ridiculously dressed up Dan) was wrestled to the group by volunteer Seekers from the audience.

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