Friday, February 22, 2008

You're just wrong: Daily Telegraph on John Peel's legacy.

I read this tonight and it just makes me angry.
The Telegraph has printed an obvious bit of deliberately obnoxious filler column by Michael Henderson about John Peel.
It starts off thus:
There is something embarrassing, to be frank, unmanning, about the inscription on the memorial to John Peel, the broadcaster, who passed away four years ago. Freshly carved in a Suffolk graveyard, the stone reads: "Teenage dreams so hard to beat". Strictly speaking, there should be a comma after "dreams", those phantoms that are, apparently, "so hard to beat". But, whatever else he did in his 65 years, before his unfortunate death on holiday in Peru, Mr Peel did not speak strictly. On this occasion, therefore, and making further allowance for the fact that the line is borrowed from a pop song, it is permissible to overlook that solecism.All the same, it is embarrassing. The man lived 65 years, and in that time he must have had the kind of experiences that bring a few drops of wisdom; at the very least, a smattering of self-knowledge. Yet he chose to be remembered by the words of a song that, like the adolescent dreams they are supposed to evoke, are thoroughly wet.
And continues in the same vein for the rest of the article.
It's just wrong and seems stupidly spiteful, as if the writer is angry at Peel for something he's missed in his own life.
All I want to add to the impassioned defense of the Teenage Kicks blog is that I doubt that in years to come they'll be quite so many people as affected by the body of work by Michael Henderson as have been by that of John Peel.

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  1. Mate, that's one utter tube who obviously never managed to rock out in his life. We pity him for being so square for truly he has never rock and rolled all night long and partied everyday. And he doesn't understand that God gave Rock and Roll to us.