Thursday, March 27, 2008

Batman - The Killing Joke remastered

There's a re-release of the classic Alan Moore / Brian Bolland Batman short story - The Killing Joke. It was always a thin book and I'm not so sure it really warrants a deluxe hardcover reprint, but such is the way nowadays.

Interesting to see the comparisons of the old and the new over at Pop Culture Shock. (via). I know Bolland has always said he was unhappy with the colouring of the book but I think that the new one is too sombre, too Batman and not as reflective of either the times (the 80s were gloriously garish after all) or the books subject - because it's not a Batman book, it's a Joker book. And Joker has always been the bright psychedelic repost to Batman's brooding grey and black intensity.

But here it is:

Old on the left, new recoloured version on the right.....

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  1. I agree about the coloring. I was really excited about this book till I found out they "pulled a George Lucas" & totally re-colored it...lame. I own the original one so I probably won't buy the new one. Thanks for the review, that's cool.

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    Thanks, Tommy