Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Molly and her Trampolining .....

Molly started Trampolining a while back.

When we were back in Birmingham she attended Trampolining lessons at a local leisure centre every Friday evening. She worked her way up to grade 6 and was pretty good at it. More importantly, according to her coach, she had the right mental attitude and desire to do it right. It seems it's all too easy to get on the trampoline and just bounce like crazy. But to actually be able to think and respond as you're bouncing is another matter.

So when we moved up here and she told us not to bother looking for another trampolining class we were hugely disappointed. Although, as always with these things it's always Molly's decision as to what she wants to do and we'll only encourage, not force.

So when the newspaper advertised a new club starting up at Pocklington school sports hall we were really keen for her to try. She duly went along, and has been going for a few months now and is really enjoying it.

Tonight is her first ever competition. The Pocklington Trampolining Championships.
Report later ........

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