Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pocklington Pictures

Out and about with the camera around Pocklington again - between torrential rain and occasional snow flurries......

The Co-Op on the Market Place, one of the few places in Pocklington that even nods towards the modern shop idea of open all hours. It took a little while to get used to the idea that everything wasn't available around the clock - but it's a nice feeling to know that we're not part of that culture.

Bunty & Co - one of a number of boutique fashion stores in the town. Always has a lovely window display. The fashion boutiques and the 17 hairdressers and beauty salons (yes 17 hairdressers! In a town with a population of about 9000 - that's a lot of hairdos) give you an idea of the population mix in town.

Another view of the Market Place. We're very, very lucky to have such a lovely town full of mostly independent retailers. The big chain brands haven't managed to turn Pocklington into a monoculture yet, with the only major chains being Sainsburys, Co-Op, Somerfield and a few others (mostly building societies, banks and charity shops).

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