Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pocklington weekend - Millington Wood

Today we headed off to Millington Wood, 3 miles out of Pocklington.
We've been meaning to head out here for a long, long time, but one thing and another has meant we never made it until today.

It's only a couple of miles round the whole wood, but Molly still wasn't that keen:

Molly being not very keen at all.

But despite protestations, moaning and a generally miserable demenour, we set off on our family hike. Millington Wood is a local nature reserve of ancient Ash woodland with Spruce and Beech introduced in the 50s. It's small, sitting right in the middle of a dry valley called Lily Dale and is past of the larger Millington Wood and Pastures SSI.

Because of it's position, occupying a deep valley and surrounded on all sides by pasture and agri land, it's beauty seems to shine much brighter. A perfect patch of woodland. Even Molly had a fantastic time, although she found a much better use for all of that wood lying around waiting to be put into the charcoal kiln:

Of course, after all of that effort, you deserve a treat. So we popped into Millington village and settled down in the Rambler's Rest. A beautiful, very old fashioned, yet completely not twee, tea room. Coffee and cake. Much better.
The Rambler's Rest also looks like it serves a fantastic meal in the evening, but because of it's tiny size it has to demand bookings of minimum 8 and maximum 16 people. Once you do that, the place is effectively yours for a private party.
Forgot to take pictures though - this one is from here

Millington Wood - York Wolds
Millington Woods - ERYC info page
Rambler's Rest - ERYC info page

More pictures from Millington Wood here.

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