Friday, March 21, 2008

The Return of Dean Motter's Mr X

The Pulse has an interview with Dean Motter where he's talking about the upcoming reissue of Mr X work and the new series of Mr X he's working on.
This is very good news indeed.

Mr X Volume 1, written by Motter and drawn by a host of names (Paul Rivoche, Klaus Schonenfield, Ty Templeton, Hernandez Bros, Seth etc) was an incredible series, way ahead of it's time and very influential in many ways, most noticeably to my mind recently in Warren Ellis' Dockor Sleepless.
Mr X Volume 2, written by Jeffrey Morgan with art by Shane Oakley, D'Israeli, Steve Sampson, is described by Motter as:
It should not be read as the same continuity as the previous run, no more than Dark Knight is a part of Batman continuity.
But I have to say that I really loved the second volume complete with possibly my favourite comic cover ever, by the wonderful Brendan McCarthy:

There's a lovely gallery of Mr X art and a what I believe are some of the best comic covers ever here.
(via Comics Reporter)

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