Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trains Are Mint .....

Still haven't cracked Trains Are ... Mint open to read properly yet.
But am really, really looking forward to it. Especially when I see things like this on Oliver's blog:
So, because I’ve still got a hang-up about how to draw people, in particular faces, I’ve had to develop ways round it that still look good. For the most part they’ve worked out all right. The problems come when I try and draw people the way people look. Then they just look bad. There’s a fella in Trains 5 that’s a bit gid. He’s leaning against a lamppost that says Big Ditch. Because I tried to make it look like a fella leaning against a lamppost, it didn’t work. But if I relax, don’t worry about it so much, then it gets a lot better. Like this circle of schoolgirls:
Circle of schoolgirls?
And then I looked properly. Oh god, this is just getting better and better.
It's going to make me really work this book and I'm just thinking it may be one of the best things I'll read all year.

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