Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to my real job.

Molly's been a joy tonight though.
Sadly, she's beginning to recognise when I'm down and becomes the best nurse in the world.

Currently she's in the bath.
Louise is out at church having holy communion lessons or something like that.
It's Molly's holy communion year this year and it involves Louise taking lessons of some sort in preparation. No idea what it entails. And don't really care.
Belief in God as a child is about as useful and valid as a belief in Santa or the Tooth Fairy to my mind and nothing I've experienced so far proves otherwise.
Of course, one benefit, particularly in inner city Birmingham where she started school, is a much better class of Primary School. And given the choice of the other primary schools or a bit of brainwashing courtesy of the catholic church I know which I'd choose.

Of course, in a year or so, when she starts asking the difficult questions, I've already warned Louise that all bets are off and I get to tell her the truth.

Time to get her out the bath.
Parenting, the best job in the world.

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