Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling washed out and pretty useless..

Today we had people from schools IT in to install SIMs (registration and personnel detail software) onto the server and the classroom machines.

Because of the way I got the job I never made any changes to the network. Initially it wasn't mine to change as I was only covering maternity leave for the Technician. After I got the job permanently I wasn't confident enough to change it and although I knew I'd have to learn more to do it, I never seemed to have the chance to find out.

Now, out network was completely open. Everyone, pupils and staff all logged in as a simple user. No passwords. We've never (touch metaphorical wood) had any issues with the pupils maliciously deleting stuff so it really wasn't that high a priority to change it.

Of course, with the SIMs install it became necessary to set up some teachers to be able to log into the network by name and password. Then they could log into SIMs as well.
On the plus side, this was handled today by the council IT engineers.
On the minus side it means I now have no choice but to completely alter the network.

I've learnt a lot of things today talking to the technicians and seeing what they've done. But not enough to be confident.
So I'm tired, emotionally drained and feel absolutely crap at my job.
Because tomorrow I've got to go in and start changing stuff. I'm on a wing and a prayer here and just know I'm going to be on the phone to SIMs ICT support within the first hour.
Miserable, fed up, tired and drained.
I love my job. Just not this aspect of it.

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