Thursday, April 17, 2008

Later - no change. Still crap.

After an entire night of feeling really sorry for myself and bemoaning about how crap I am at parts of my job, I have come to the following conclusions:
I am crap at parts of my job.

So, an entire night of worry, stress and general misery.
Worth it then.

The short version:
Network was set up badly way back when.
It copes fine with day to day stuff.
But now we need more from it, registration classes, seperate teacher and pupil areas and logins.
It wont do this and needs a complete reconfiguration in order to do this.
I cannot do this.
Despite being employed as an ict technician with an emphasis on delivering ict to pupils rather than a network knowledge to fix everything, I feel pretty worthless and generally not up to the job.
Tomorrow I have to go into the head and tell her this (although in a much more positive fashion) and arrange to get the professionals in.

But tonight is misery and gloom night.

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