Monday, April 21, 2008


Have now spent far, far too much time doing anything but writing about the Stewart Lee comedy gig at the Pocklington Arts Centre. Arse.

After putting Molly to bed I have:
Sorted out some itunes stuff, including playing with the EQ settings.
Listened to a couple of Now Show podcasts.
Done a couple of blog posts for next week.
Designed a work grid for school over the following two weeks to try and get a handle on how much actual tech time I get per week.
Wrote this.
Started listening to the Kermode podcast only to find out that it's not Mayo and Kermode, but Colin Murray and Andrew Collins. Not that I mind so much having to listen to this pair, but it's a huge disappointment after looking forward to the Mayo/Kermode comedy double act.

The time is now midnight 18.
Off to pour gin and tonic. Then back up to write up the Stewart Lee thing. It shall be finished and posted by 1am. Because I am definitely going to bed earlier this week. No. Really.

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