Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spending all day on the Internet doubting everything I read. It's April Fools Day.

The big problem with April Fools Day now is that you spend all day asking yourself "is that a practical joke?"

So far:
Google.au looks into the future.
Virgle - the Virgin/Google project to get you to Mars.
G-Mail custom time
Boing Boing's Heathrow homeless story.
and my favourite of the day so far: BBC iPlayer with it's special penguins.

And then there's this one:
Guido Fawkes telling us that Boris Johnson will be stepping in for Dave Cameron for PMQs tomorrow. I really, really want this to be true. And if it is I shall be tuning in for what may be the finest bit of comedy this year.
(Update 02 April - sadly, no Boris. William Hague instead proving the old adage shown by John Major that when Tory politicians give up their ambition, they turn into intelligent, reasonable and interesting people.)

No doubt there shall be many more, oh so hilarious things going on today.
I shall try not to laugh too hard over them all.

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