Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday in Wakefield

The family Bruton toddled off to Wakefield today. It's one of the few places in Yorkshire we've not been to at some point in the past - we always end up going to places and realise that we've been there before because we used to holiday in Yorkshire so much before moving up here.

It's a strange town. Bits of it look like Coventry. Bits of it look like Birmingham's nicer, older bits. Some of it's beautiful, some of it awful.

The whole purpose of the visit was to pop along to John Welding's Drawing The City exhibition at Wakefield Art Gallery.

There's a whole series of posts coming up about that with lots of gorgeous pictures (here for part 1). In fact I got a little carried away photographing the 50m of artwork across all three rooms that I didn't realise the third room also contained the Henry Moore sculptures and the lights had been dimmed for a reason. Oops. Got told off by the museum attendant. Oops again. Worth it though.

Madam posing outside the Catholic Church. Bad child.

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