Thursday, May 08, 2008

Charlotte Sometimes.

Before it was a quite wonderful Cure song (see the lyrics) Charlotte Sometimes was a book of the same name, featuring a young girl called Charlotte (what else?) who travels back in time from 1963 each night swapping places with another girl in 1918.
Robert Smith of the Cure is obviosly a huge fan, having based not just Charlotte Sometimes & it's b-side Splintered In Her Head (from 1981) on the novel but also a third song; The Empty World (1984) from The Top.

But what consitutes a fan borrowing themes and ideas from a thing they love and what constitutes whole sale plagarism? It seems the distinction is small and often depends on how nice the fan is about borrowing so much.

Chain Of Flowers, the excellent Cure blog and website, which is much better and informative than the official Cure website, has links to the blog of Penelope Farmer where she discusses the issue and her meeting with Robert Smith. It's heart warming, funny and perfectly told.
Part 1 - The Cure(d)
Part 2 - Robert Smith for ever.

Such is the case with Charlotte Sometimes.

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