Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Free Comic Book Day at Nostalgia & Comics, well done the Birmingham Post for a really bad article.

Actually, it's not really bad, just really, really disinterested. Did they send the retiring reporter along as a punishment? The entire text of the article reads:
SUPERGIRL flew into Birmingham to help the city’s oldest comic shop celebrate an international event of epic proportions.
Fans were at the Nostalgia and Comics shop on Smallbrook Queensway, which opened 31 years ago, to snap up special editions of their favourite characters, including the X-men, Iron Man, Simpsons and Dan Dare. The shop celebrated international Free Comic Book Day in a bid to draw in new fans and reward their regular customers. Among them was assistant Tash Wharrad, from Four Oaks, who got into the spirit of the occasion as Supergirl.
Still, nice to see Nostalgia in the news for whatever reason. Would have been nice to get a little more information in about the idea of Free Comic Book Day though wouldn't it?

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  1. No talk on the guest appearance of Tony Stark either!