Friday, May 30, 2008

Maxwell The Magic Cat - I could have retired on these!

A recent review of Maxwell The Magic Cat at Sequart made me think about these old examples of the strip Alan Moore started out doing. This was before Watchmen, before success, before fame. They were written under the pen name Jill De Rey and if you happen to have a lot of them under your bed, I would suggest heading over to ebay because they're selling well for at least £20 a copy.

Way, way back, when the old boss at Nostalgia & Comics used to regularly get huge stocks of magazines and comics from some distributor or another. And all four volumes of Maxwell The Magic Cat were in there as well. As I recalled in my posts on my time at Nostalgia & Comics we were giving all of these away at some point in time. If I had any bloody sense I would have bought a few bundles of these and been using them as a pension fund right now.

However, it's a really good review of a very rare bit of Alan Moore nostalgia.

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