Sunday, May 04, 2008

More Beanworld stuff...

There was great news earlier this week that Larry Marder has negotiated a deal with Dark Horse Comics to republish his long out of print Tales of the Beanworld stories:

"Dark Horse plans to republish the first 21 issues of Tales of the Beanworld, possibly in deluxe hardcover editions, then deliver Marder's new adventures sometime in early 2009. Diana Schutz will edit"

Larry Marder's poster for the recent Stumptown comic show. Who are these strange little character you ask? They're beans and they're wonderful.

For those of us who fell so easily in love with Marder's most peculiar comic book experience, this is fantastic news. And on it's own, would be enough to celebrate. But Marder has also been hard at work in the last few months on new Beanworld material, starting with a new Graphic Novel: Remember Here When You Are There.

For those of you wondering what the hell all these strange little characters are there are a couple of essential websites for more information: Tales of the BeanWeb & Gunk'l'dunk. Both are excellent primers to what was (and will be) one of the greatest comic book series you've never heard of.

The Beanworld is precisely that, a self contained world packed with bizarre and amazing characters. The Beans live in harmony with their environment, and the entire ecosystem forms the story of the Beanworld. It's a magical, surreal story which, if you're lucky enough to get it, will make you a convert for life.

It's difficult to explain why those of us who get Beanworld love it so much, but luckily for us we won't have to explain without the comics to back us up for much longer. Beanworld is coming back and the world of comics just became that little better.

Fashion Buddha have put a little animation together called "Chow Raid" based on Marder's Beanworld cartoons. It's a great taster for the book.
Larry Marder's blog.
Larry Marder's Flickr stream

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