Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nick Abadzis takes over the Guardian and the Times

Following on from the sucess of Laika and the launch of the DFC, Nick Abadzis seems to have decided to try his hand at taking over the newspaper world. First he invaded the Guardian with Cora'a Breakfast and now he announces that the Times will carry his new strip from Monday 2nd June.

From Nick’s blog:

Graphic novels – comics – in The Times? It’s all true. Follow the exploits and observations of the Sober Dog and his “friends” every week!

Announcing a new graphic novella, serialised in The Times every Monday from June 2nd for the next six months:

The Trial of the Sober Dog by Nick Abadzis

Everyone one had one: the person at school who was thought most likely to succeed. A chance encounter at a private view sees friends Marco and Petra encounter their old school rival Joe Chase again after many years. It seems he has indeed lived up to his potential… but things aren’t always what they seem. No matter how it seems to observers, nobody can have it all…
Told through observations, anecdotes, flashbacks and musings by different narrators, each episode shows a different aspect of Chase and multiple reasons why he might still be nicknamed The Sober Dog…

The Times relaunch on June 2nd features The Sober Dog as its new T2 Monday strip in full colour. Every episode will be available to read online, the day after publication, at this address: (The link isn’t active yet, but should work on Tuesday 3rd June.)

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