Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh boy, these computers are trying to kill me

Well, after 5 days of trying, I've finally gotten the school network to do (nearly) everything it's meant to be doing.
Today was spent getting the final pieces of software working again and organising some of the folders into a better and more logical order.
Of course, the network guy who came in last Wednesday is in again tomorrow to change the mandatory profiles to roaming profiles so that the staff and pupils can have a little more control over what they're doing. Which of course means that Thursday and Friday will be yet more sorting out the network to get it working properly. I can't wait.

And as I allowed myself a bit of smugness at home tonight, my own pc decided to fuck up on me again. Back here I talked about having to change all of my freeware security utilities around. Well today I got royally screwed by Spyware Doctor. All of a sudden I'm getting warnings that I've got a nasty Trojan on board and Spyware Doctor kindly shuts every useful process on the pc down (Explorer, gone, Control Panel, gone - you get the idea.) Then, on a complete scan it decides to keep freezing on me leading to a copy of hard resets.
So I turn Spyware Doctor off and download every other anti-spyware and trojan program I can find and run them, in depth. 3 hours later and nothing is registering with any of them.

Turn Spyware Doctor back on and it's back with the warnings.
But by now others are getting the same thing and the Spyware Doctor forums are buzzing with incredulity at being caught out like this.

So that was a few hours of stress for nothing and I'mback to Spybot and something else with various others on the hard disk to be installed when I need.

Of course, it did rather eat into my night which is why i wandered downstairs a few minutes ago for a fresh G&T and some paracetamol and asked Louise - "have I eaten anything tonight?".
That also explains why I'm absolutely buzzing off just two G&Ts as well.

Bloody computers.

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