Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend roundup....

This may read strangely. It was started on Saturday evening and continued throughout the weekend. Hence strange time shifts and improper use of tenses.

Not the greatest of weekends I suppose. Very lowkey and chilled on Molly and Louise's part, but a bit of a downer for me.
On the plus side we did get along to the monthly farmer's market at Market Weighton this morning and did the shopping.
Home for the FA Cup. But spent most of the afternoon playing board games. (It sounds dull but it's lovely to just relax as a family with something other than the Disney Channel on the TV).

But most of this evening has been spent putting I-tunes back together after it decided that my last library file was corrupted. Luckily I take back ups and archive them seperately, not trusting I-tunes to do okay for any length of time. But it does mean that all the small obsessive changes I've done in the last few days with new music, changing artwork, altering displays and sad things like that werre gone and needed doing again.
From now on I think backups will be done every single time I do anything in itunes.
Something else to obsess over I suppose.

It's now Saturday night and I've spent a while writing reviews.
Halfway through a review of Contraband and struggling when inspiration comes for Trains Are ... Mint. It sometimes happens that way. I haven't even properly read Trains yet but have already got a feel for it and just know it's going to be stunning. So inspiration won out over trying to finish the Contraband review. 1000 words later (and they're good words as well) and I just know the bloody reviews either going to be a)long or b)multi parted.

Currently listening to podcast of Mayo and Kermode's Friday film reviews. Still probably the best half hour of listening on the radio all week.

Enough writing this, off to work again.

Sunday was a delight, sunny and lovely. And I spent most of the day writing, sleeping or drinking coffee. Feling slightly tetchy and down.

Didn't help that my computer has been locking up recently and I was looking for a way to sort it out. There's an annoying Windows process (yes, one of many annoying things about Windows) svchost.exe that is triggered by Microsoft Update trying to connect and find out all of the important updates for Windows and Office. But it spends at least 3 minutes at the start up locking 99% CPU resources.
But of course, there is a solution to this and like most Microsoft solutions it seems to involve stopping Microsoft applying yet another "improvement". Simply go to Microsoft Update and tell it you do not want Microsoft Update, take me back to simple Windows Update.
A few restarts later and all is well.
Also downloaded the XP service pack 3 as well. Doesn't seem to have fucked up the computer completely yet. (yet).

In all honesty it's only sheer laziness and complacency that has stopped me binning Microsoft Office anyway. The Microsoft Update told me it wouldn't download anymore updates for it anyway as it wasn't genuine.
How dare they. It's a genuine copy of Louise's sisters copy of an original Office 2003 disc. Ooops.
I know I should really just say fuck it and ditch it in favour of Open Office anyway and I will at some point.

This has been a long ramble about nothing at all.
Which pretty much covers the Bruton family weekend.

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