Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a start to the day

Got into school this morning to total darkness. The water engineers working outside had seen fit to sever the main electric line to the village. Clever.
Server's on a UPS which was busy screaming it's displeasure at me as I made my way into the ICT suite. The things got 20 minutes of battery back up and then it shut everything down , gave one last scream and turned off.
Luckily it did it's job well and when I brought the server back up all was well.
But not the best start to a stressful day.

And tomorrow is due to get even worse. We're having a complete network reconfiguration tomorrow. The people who set the network up a few years ago are back in and I know I'll be spending the day trying desperately to understand everything they say and do.
Looking forward to it already. Just know I'm going to be a big stress bundle at the end of it.

I love computers. I really do.

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