Friday, May 02, 2008

Work - when did I become the handyman?

Thursday I spent all day in the teacher's workroom putting together the flat pack furniture I'd ordered after carefully measuring the room to fit as much as possible. Today I spent the first hour trying to get the damn desks to fit together properly. Because it seems the manufacturers didn't bother measuring the bolts to hold some of the thing together. So I have to cobble a solution together involving alternative bolts, no more nails and perseverance.

For some reason I thought my job was meant to involve computers?
In actual fact I really didn't mind - made a nice change of pace to be honest. Because from here on it's all downhill and it's going fast.
Next week we start running SIMs in the classrooms (oooh, that's going to be fun). Week after that I've got the workmen in to fuck up the network. Although it does actually say reconfigure on the job sheet.

But first, the long weekend stretches out in front of us, oh the possibilities......

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