Sunday, June 29, 2008

Doctor Who ...... gosh

Well, bloody hell.
Didn't see that one coming.

& don't read on if you haven't seen the episode yet......

Bruton family settled down tonight to watch the Stolen Earth episode of Doctor Who with much expectation. And yet again, as is becomming the pattern with this series, it was bloody great.....

And what about Donna?
Did anyone else think of the Master's sound of drums when she was sitting in the Shadow Proclamation room? Just not quite the right sound, not drums. But what?
What about Harriet Jones? Funny how the dalek very deliberately changed the aim on the dalek zappy thingy wasn't it. Is she dead? In league with the Daleks?
What is the Copper Foundation? (Just answered that one with some very sad interwebby surfing - he's the survivor from Voyage Of The Damned left on earth with lots of money to make something better - obviously this is what he did with it.

The Bruton mansions verdict on the regeneration is split: Either it's not happening really or Donna will do something to reverse it and sacrifice herself or it's for real and is one of the best kept secrets all year.
Think about it - the only reason we didn't think it possible was the shots of Tennant on set for the Christmas special. But perhaps Russell T Davies just got Tennant on set for a while to either film flashbacks or, even better, just to get a few photos sorted by the press to confirm he's definitely not going to be leaving. Genius.

Next week's 65 minute long episode just can't come quickly enough.

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