Thursday, June 05, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Molly and I took ourselves off to see the Indiana Jones movie at Pocklington Arts Centre last night. It was exactly what I thought / hoped it would be. A fantastically fun action adventure. Park your brain at the door and settle down for 2 hours of mindless entertainment.

Mark Kermode (as usual) was spot on with this one, saying it was a meaningless bit of entertainment and that you'd enjoy it far more if you had no emotional attachment to it. The more involved you were with the concept, the more disappointed you would be with the film.

Molly was especially enamoured with the whole thing and we wandered home having mock fistfights and sword fights. She's now desperate to watch the first three films. It will be interesting to see what she makes of them after seeing the final one first.

I know it has huge flaws, gaping holes of reason, a clunking plot, a series of iffy dialogue moments and more but I still thought it was worth my money to see it.

1 bullshit, 1 shit and 1 bitch - oops.
Winced everytime as Molly subtly ignored them. The perils of taking an 8 year old to a 12A.

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