Thursday, June 12, 2008

Molly's day yesterday - not ill anymore and a school trip...

Another interesting day.

First of all, Molly was a lot better today and the prospect of a school trip to the Castle Museum certainly helped her to get up and get into school today. She had a great day out and really loved everything about it. Of course, what she told us about was the gift shop and the little cuddly toy she got.
The nice thing about Molly's school is that they always put a spending money cap on these school trips. meaning that we parents aren't desperately trying to hit some happy medium between the social disaster that would be your child with a couple of pence in a shop selling diamonds 1 and the extravagance of turning an 8 year old into Loadsamoney.

So £3 was the limit and that's what she had. Of course, she spent the lot. Every single penny. One small cuddley toy and two rubbers.

So that was her day and although she's still not completely well, and the whole day has really tired her out, she's on the mend and has crashed out again tonight. Hopefully by the weekend she should be fully recovered. Until then we'll keep doing the bad parent thing of sending her into school and basically seeing how she gets on. Awful.
But we all do it.

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