Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mr Ellis goes to Chicago. With added swearing...

In what seems to be becoming a bit of a Warren Ellis themed night, I'd like to draw your attention to the ongoing fun to be had reading Mr Ellis' weblog for details of the fun and frolics to be had at the Chicago Comics Convention:

Day 1:
And now I am installed in a large hotel suite full of Red Bull, cigarettes (Avatar bought me about a hundred packets of my brand), whisky and wine. And a sinister stack of boxes, which I believe are full of things I have to sign. Wi-fi’s on, we’ve set up Mission Control on the main table, the speakers are running, and basically everything is good.
Makes you wonder what’s going to go wrong, doesn’t it?

Day 2:
The air’s like soup. I stuck my arm out of the window earlier. First, my flesh took on the consistency and moistness of crushed watermelon. And then it caught fire anyway. for more, or sign up on the Bad Signal mailing list to get these nuggets of bile thrown into your inbox each day.

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