Sunday, June 01, 2008

One of those days when something just takes over.....

Today was a weird day. Of course, as Molly was over the moors still at Whitby on a youth hostel sleepover it started slowly and quietly. There's nothing so strange as having an empty house when you're unused to it.

But she did come home around midday and was full of tales of late night fun and just looked exhausted. It's been a great half term all round.

In the meantime I had planned on making good use of my time and was intending getting lots of blogging done, a few reviews and generally having a good day loafing around. But, like all of my plans, it didn't quite work out that way.

The first review was going to be of Paul Cornell's Captain Britain and MI13 # 1, the first halfway decent Captain Britain comic since the grand old days of Alan Moore and Alan Davis. And that was my problem. I started to muse on those good old days. Muse and write. And write some more. The review became a small article on Captain Britain and a review combined. Then it got largr and larger and just became an article on Captain Britain. I'd do the review separately. Unfortunately I got so engrossed in it that it's taken a long time to get done. I've had enormous fun trawling the Interweb looking for picture reference and fact checking. But it has taken rather a long time. Ooops.

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