Saturday, June 28, 2008

Warren Ellis not writing Rocket Raccoon.....

Warren Ellis on why there's nothing worth getting excited about in the depths of the Marvel archives anymore....
"You find yourself thinking, yes, this character here who appeared once in 1981, attempting to trap Captain America in the radioactive pasta extruded from his eight nipples, that guy’s got some fucking MILEAGE there. Because you’ve spent six hours looking through all this monstrous shit and you’re just aching to latch on to something remotely useful to stop the pain.

And then Nick Lowe at Marvel phones up to see if you’ve got anything and you find yourself pitching a grim political post-BATTLESTAR GALACTICA take on Rocket Raccoon. And then he tells you that someone else is already doing Rocket Raccoon, because the situation is just that bloody awful."
So, no Rocket Raccoon then. Oh, how I was looking forward to that. Rocket Raccoon crosses over with Next Wave. Even better.

He also talks a little about how Marvel has become one of his main gigs these days. So it looks increasingly unlikely that we'll see him back in the business of writing brilliant, challenging stuff like Transmetropolitan any time soon then. Between Grant Morrison spending all his time playing with the DC Universe (almost literally at times it seems), Neil Gaiman far preferring prose and Alan Moore living a semi-retirement, it appears we're a little short on the ground for our genius British comic writers at the moment. Luckily Andi Watson is still around.

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