Sunday, June 08, 2008

York, new phones

One thing we have decided, after the fun of doing lots and lots of things over the half term holiday, has been to ensure that we start doing lots and lots of things on a weekend.

This weekend the plan was to pop into York so that Molly can spend all of her pocket money she received from Grandma when she saw her last. This is very important, especially to Molly, as money tends to burn a very big hole in Molly's pocket and she's been pestering us all week to spend it.
Molly practically ran into Game Station , threw Mario basketball onto the counter and grabbed a copy of Mario/Sonic Olympics. Then she realised she'd left her DS at home. Very, very pissed off she was.
Meanwhile I took the opportunity to pop into the O2 shop and got myself a new phone. Samsung SGH-G600 - nothing especially exciting, after all, I'm certainly not spending money on a monthly contract and then giving the bastards any more money just for a phone. As much as I have techno-joy, it doesn't extend to phones so much. I'm firmly in the camp that says a phone should do two things - phoning and texting. It's certainly nice to have a camera. And occasionally it's useful to be able to get onto the internet to check emails. But it's just not that essential really. It is nice, shiny and new. Which impressed Molly greatly.
As we're walking round York, Molly looked at Louise and attempted to reassure her that even though we'd all bought nice things she shouldn't feel so bad because she'd bought some cleansing facial wipes as well. Which made it all equal in Molly's mind.

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