Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And relax ...... Holiday time is here again

Ah, that great moment when you realise that the next 6 weeks are all your own. THIS is why I work in schools. (It's certainly not for the money!)

We got out today and I nearly managed to get everything done on the to do list. Of course, I'd already smuggled some of it onto the start of next term, but hey, whatever gets me through eh?

I did spend the last couple of days manically getting software installed and generally doing end of year stuff. But it's over now. All I have to do over the holidays is a bit of school website development and getting a couple of ICT units ready for September. Bliss.

Molly and I are now busy planning what to fill our time with. So far I have the inevitable and boring: Car service, taking stuff to the dump and the bloke from M&S coming round to fix the sofa (again). Molly on the other hand has: Going to Bridlington beach and funfair, Sewerby Hall for the golf, Sea Life Centre, Her Birthday celebrations, Kung Fu Panda, Narnia 2, Wall-E, going round her friends houses, Big Sheep Little Cow, a painting contest, and countless other fun stuff. I'm sticking with her list, it sounds like much more fun.

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