Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bruton weekender and the gathering storm....

The Bruton family headed down to Birmingham last weekend for a family visit to celebrate Louise's niece's 20th birthday. This is, of course, another sign of encroaching age as Louise's niece Helen should obviously have the good grace to still be somewhere around age 6, which was the age she was when I met her. Obviously if she's getting older, then so am I and that's not on at all.

One thing that did come out of the weekend is this increasing belief that we're in some way cursed by the raingods. There seemed to be a black cloud following us all the way up and down the motorway. At one point on the way back we could only see brilliant blue sky in front of us and blue sky and glorious sunshine behind us yet it was still raining on the car. And then on the last leg of the journey home, as we turned off the motorway we swear the black cloud made a sharp left with us and followed us all the way to Pocklington. With each turn we saw the black clouds gather ominously until driving into Pocklington we realised where they'd been gathering - just above the house. We pull up, get out of the car and the heavens opened.

Anyone know any good prayers to ward off the rain gods?

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