Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is it the holiday yet? I need a long lie down....

Actually, I had a long lie down tonight. When I got home I needed to because I managed to throw my back out today and have been in pain all night. I actually slept from 8-10 and feel betterish now. But we shall see. The back problem hasn't affected me for a long time and I thought the combination of more execcise and strtching was doing the trick. Maybe it's just a temporary thing? I hope so.

But the holiday can't come soon enough / is too close and I need more time. Strangely both of these options are applicable.
I have two days left. Monday I have lessons to 11. Tuesday I may or may not have Foundation in all day, I shall find out on Monday.

The main job I need to do these last two days is to get one huge installer package onto the network. It's the 2simple offer we picked up a while ago. But it requires me to go into the server and set up group policies to install the thing as a huge msi. But I've looked through the "simple" instructions and it's scaring me. On the one hand I want to get it done asap so we can start using them. On the other hand I really don't want to do them Monday in case I completely mess up the network for the holidays.
Will decide on Monday with a phone call to 2Simple with lots of questions I think.

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