Monday, July 21, 2008

Jamie Hewlett in the Guardian - Tank Girls, Monkeys & the Olympics

There's an article by Mark Kermode in the Guardian on Jamie Hewlett, most famous for being part of the Gorilaz, but shall always be the artist on Tank Girl for me.

He's been a busy boy recently, working with Damon Albarn again to put on an opera based on Monkey entitled Monkey: Journey to the West. And the BBC will be using his Monkey visuals extensively this summer for their Olympic coverage.

'This is going to be the summer of Monkey!' declares Jamie Hewlett, smoking a roll-up and cradling what appears to be a freshly picked leaf in a cup of hot water ('sage tea', apparently). In the West London headquarters of his design and animation company, Zombie Flesh Eaters (he fell in love with walking corpses after watching the films of George Romero and Lucio Fulci), Hewlett oozes a mischievous cool. In the Eighties he became a cult star after creating the ass-kicking comic strip Tank Girl and went mainstream more recently with the success of his satirical 'anti-band' Gorillaz, for which he won the Design Museum's Designer of the Year Award in 2006. For my money, he is the definitive face of post-punk British pop culture - edgy, angular and out there.
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