Saturday, July 05, 2008

Laying into Alex Ross .....

A well argued and delightfully venomous rant about the photo-realistic (or just copying photos) stylings of Alex Ross: Craft in Comics 1.75 by Frank Santoro:
I guess the thing that resonated most with people is my rant about Alex Ross, and I just don't feel like turning my recollections about this wonderful panel I was on into a bitch-fest about Ross, but ... ah fuck it: It's not just Ross, it's this culture of photo-referencing in comics that grinds my gears.

It's true, I hate Ross's work. He's got great technical ability, but big deal. Why is copying the nuances of a photograph such an achievement? That's not drawing! He's the worst example for a young artist to have, the worst role model. No one has done more harm to the form than Ross. It's not comics he makes. It's fumetti. There are no real panel-to-panel transitions as there are in "pure cartooning"; he's just putting photograph next to photograph in a way that some find pleasing. But it's not comics.
I imagine if you like Alex Ross this will bring your blood on the boil. Personally he's always just left me cold. Some of his covers are okay and pretty enough, but I tend to agree with Frank at Comics Comics about his comic work being nothing more than a pretty photo album rather than sequential art. Of course, my not really caring about it is nowhere as much fun as Frank's spirited rant. Always fun to see a good rant.

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