Monday, July 21, 2008

Rich Johnston's Lying In The Gutters - San Diego special

Rich Johnston's Lying In The Gutters is a blast this week:

In addition to the Leah Moore stuff earlier which had me smiling no end we had this:

A Tamara Drewe Film:
The rather successful graphic novel "Tamara Drewe" by Posy Simmons is to be adapted as a BBC Film, partially funded with a National Lottery grant of around $100,000.

Ant Man with Simon Pegg:
With Edgar Wright Jr directing and Joe Cornish writing "Ant Man for Marvel, who will they cast in the lead? Could it be this wonderfully, amazingly obvious?
Will it, as I'm hearing from vague Marvel people, be Simon Pegg?

Mark Millar escorted from Forbidden Planet London

and much more. Lying In The Gutters, always a good read.

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